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         Past Events

         US Naval Academy Invitational (Annapolis, MD)

         Ken Tamai Fall Memorial (Beltsville, MD)

         Maryland Open (College Park, MD)

         Liberty Bell Judo Clinic (Philadelphia, PA)

         Starrett Cup (Brooklyn, NY)

         Shufu Open (College Park, MD)

         Yasuhiro Yamashita Clinic (Washington, DC)

         Beltsville Spring Championship (Beltsville, MD)

         US Naval Academy/Villanova Clinic/Practice (Annapolis MD)

         USA Judo Youth and Scholastic National Championships

         Virginia Open (Arlington, VA)

         Liberty Bell Classic (Philadelphia, PA)

         Shufu Junior Open (College Park, MD)

         Keystone State Games (York, PA)

         Kosei Inoue Clinic (Washington, DC)

         Takemori Open (College Park, MD)

         Annual Takemori Clinics (Wayne, PA)